Roman Skyline

This new image is a composite of 12 photographs of the Rome skyline taken from the Janiculum Hill, one of the best vantage points for a breathtaking view of the innumerable domes, bell towers and other buildings of this ancient city. I am offering this as a large panoramic triptych, 13″ x 92″ (about 8 foot), in three 30″ panels. It also comes with a “key” identifying the major buildings, church domes and other landmarks visible. This is a perfect item for an office, conference room, lobby or customer waiting area. One can spend hours examining the many details visible upon close viewing. To provide the highest level of detail, the image is printed on satin cloth and float mounted. The process involves mounting the satin cloth to a board, and then each board is attached to a wooden frame smaller than the print, so the frame is not visible. The price of this 13″x92″ triptych is $575.  
Rome Skyline Triptych

 The Full 13″x92″ Panoramic

Detail from middle panel

Detailed Close Up


Sample of Roman Skyline key